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Terima Jasa Tekuk dan Potong Plat

Ditambahkan pada: 5 October 2017 / Kategori:
Berat : 300 gram
Stok : Pre Order
Dilihat : 242 kali
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Rp 2.500

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Deskripsi Terima Jasa Tekuk dan Potong Plat

Jasa tekuk dan potong plat

segala jenis plat

aluminium , milsteel , stainless

harga mulai dari 2500

mesin baru dan pisau terawat


Kami menghadirkan perseroan binis berbadan hukum yakni CV. Hutama Karya Abadi merupakan perusahaan pembuat Kitchen Equipment berdomisili di Kota Bekasi. Hutama Kitchen merupakan Perusahaan yang menjual secara Online produk Kitchen Equipment Utensil dengan bendera CV. Hutama Karya Abadi berlokasi di Bekasi. stainless steel commercial working table from Hutama Kitchen Tables and Bowl Sinks our provides plenty of room on its work surface but also offers stainless steel under shelf to supply much needed space for food preparation storing supplies and other tasks within your business Call CS Hutama Kitchen 0857-17859-649 Email: hutamakitchenz@gmail.com.

We promise to reduce cost budget kitchen equipment and increase benefit find our working tables of all shapes sizes and configurations to fit your kitchen’s layout and your staff’s routine We even produce mobile working tables and preparation stations for caterers or cooks that need to rearrange their kitchen’s current setup HUTAMA KITCHEN or Hutama Karya Abadi (HKA) CV is a company engaged in the sale and service for specialist kitchen equipment (bakery equipment) refrigeration equipment (chiller & freezer) cold room or cold storage (freezer & chiller) customizeable design or standard design planning kitchen (designing restaurant kitchen) gas and ducting installation for restaurant catering canteen bakery cafe hotel and hospital Hubungi Customer Service Hutama Kitchen untuk stok dan penawaran harga 0857-17859-649 Email: hutamakitchenz@gmail.com

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