HKa Kitchen equipment is a reputable supplier of imported bakery and pizza equipment. We have an established relationship with top manufacturers like Europa, Rollmatic, Pavailler, Atlas, Cinelli, among others. We supply businesses in the Australian foodservice sectors with kitchen equipment from these brands. We believe that using the right equipment will bring out the flavour and taste of your baked goods. And this is why we go to any length to provide you with access to these quality tools.

Depending on your needs and the size of your business, we have various types of ovens for cooking, mixers for your dough, as well as efficient tools for dividing. We supply to restaurants, pizzerias, bakery, hotels, fast food outlets, diners, among many others in the hospitality and catering industry.

These bakery and pizza equipment are of superb quality, designed to take a sizable amount of ingredients, and process, or cook it as fast as possible in the most efficient manner. They represent a balance between your professional requirements as a baker and the needs of your business.

The bakery and pizza equipment in our stock include:

Rotary Kilns: electric ovens, gas ovens, convection ovens, wood ovens, pizza ovens, deck ovens, steam tube ovens, electric furnaces.

Dough Mixers: planetary mixer, fixed bowl and removable bowl spiral mixers, fork kneaders

  • Pre-fermentation cells
  • Commercial proffers
  • Retarder proofers
  • Dough Dividers and Rounders
  • Dough moulders
  • Dough Sheeters
  • Dough stretchers
  • Pizza trays and pans
  • Bread slicer
  • Baguette shapers
  • Leaven Processor
  • Water Meters and Chillers
  • Cookie depositors
  • Bread packing machine

All this equipment is available on-demand at affordable prices. Our relationship with the manufacturers means we always get the best deal possible for you. So whatever your budget is, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the right equipment waiting for you.