At HKa kitchen equipment, we supply high-end counter and under-counter fridges and freezers for commercial food service establishments. They come in elegant designs with all the features of a full-sized refrigerator and more. Some even have ice makers of their own. Placing one of this equipment on your counter is the perfect way to aesthetically display your drinks and beverages to the customers, giving them a glance at your inventory

 If you decide to go for an under-counter one, they are excellent choices with the added advantage of saving space and making the most of your counter area. Customers are still able to see them, and the counter has free space that can be used for other things, giving the room a more streamlined appearance. When placed in the right position, they are easy to access for the customers as well.

This equipment is energy efficient with most of them certified in Australia by Energy Star, which means lower electricity bills for you. They come in various designs and colours so you can choose the one that most complements your kitchen or bar. If you intend to use it as a storage and display equipment, you should buy one made with glass and stainless steel. But if it is for only storage, the ones made of solid steel are most advisable as they are cheaper and serve the purpose efficiently.

They are available in various models and sizes, 

from single door to four doors, with adjustable shelves, adjustable legs, autodefrost, LED displays, internal lighting, electronic temperature control, and other exquisite features. We have handpicked the best ones for you from trusted manufacturers such as Skope, Afinox, Gastronorm, Koldtech Williams, Bromic, and others. You can contact us to make further enquiries.