A blast chiller is simply an extra cold freezer that freezes food very quickly. They are best for keeping ice cream, pre-prepared meals, fresh produce like fishes, fruits and vegetables, etc. in good conditions. You may wonder why your business needs one of those when you already have an ordinary freezer. The answer is simple. Blast chillers freeze your food and other produce faster and more efficiently. When you freeze food, the water inside it crystallises into ice. Normal freezers usually freeze food slowly and the slower the freezing process, the larger the ice crystals. These large ice crystals damage the food by causing cell bursting, therefore reducing quality and flavour. Blast chillers, on the other hand, freeze food rapidly, creating much smaller ice crystals and less damage to the food. So next time you’re wondering why your food is losing taste, the solution is simple. Get a blast chiller.

Blast chillers are also healthier alternative as extreme cold slows the growth of bacteria. You can transfer the food or material frozen with a blast chiller into a normal freezer afterwards, and it will still maintain the quality. This is what makes it a good choice for every commercial kitchen.

We supply blast chillers of different models, designed with a tray holding features to maximise space and guarantee the safety of food. They are also of varying sizes, ensuring you find one that fits your space and specification. There are models with a comprehensive control system that allows you to set the temperature for each cabinet, so you can set the freezing temperature based on food types. From small reach-in units to medium roll-in models, to the large tunnel and pass in systems, you will find the suitable blast chiller and freezer for your business at HKa kitchen equipment. Contact us to make further enquiries.