The importance of coffee, tea, and other beverages in the foodservice sector cannot be overemphasised. While foodservice outlet can deal exclusively in coffee and beverages without selling food. Majority of the establishments serving food also sell beverages. We recognise the importance of these beverages and how it can contribute to the success of your foodservice establishment. Thus, we provide all types of quality equipment for coffee and beverage. From the regular espresso machines to juicers.

Whether you are operating a café, bar, restaurant, fast food joint, or hotel, your customers will appreciate hot or cold beverages depending on the season and time of day. With our equipment, your customers are guaranteed of quality service delivery in this respect. At HKa kitchen equipment, our supplies go beyond the regular coffee and beverage equipment like blenders, milkshake machines, and cappuccinos. We also provide different speciality beverage equipment. These can be useful for technical tasks such as homogenising your beverages for bottling, infusing your beverages with different flavours, aerating your wines, etc.

You can find the following coffee and beverage equipment in our stock:

  • Commercial Coffee Makers and Brewers
  • Coffee Warmers
  • Granita/Slushy Machines
  • Cappuccino
  • Combination ice and water dispenser and machine
  • Uninsulated beverage dispensers
  • Soda fountain machines
  • Glass filler faucets and station
  • Manual juicers
  • Commercial electric juicers
  • Wine Decanters
  • Evaporators
  • Cocktail Dispensers
  • Underbar Ice bins
  • Homogenizers
  • Bar Blenders
  • Glass replacement carafe 
  • Commercial iced tea brewer and dispenser

All these products and more are available in whole as well as in parts, so you don’t have to buy brand new equipment because a part of the old one is broken. You can also contact us to get replacements for a broken part of your beverage machines. And you can get them at very affordable prices.