Manual cleaning of glassware is fraught with many risks. The glasses could break or get chipped, and employees can get injured. Cleaning your glassware has been made easy with commercial glass washers. This equipment ensures that you always have clean sets of glassware available to serve drinks and beverages for your customers even during your busiest periods.

The machine is designed to wash glasses at a temperature lower than that of dishwashers. The result of each wash is sets of glasses sparkling like they are new. The equipment is very efficient because it cleans better and faster than humans, and all it requires to operate one is the mere push of a button. Investing in one of such equipment for your kitchen will boost the speed and quality of your service. 

Kha kitchen equipment supplies glass washers of various ranges, sizes, and brands for your business, the one thing they have in common is the quality. They are produced by top manufacturers all over the world such as Noble, Champion, Hobart, CMA Dish Machines, Buffalo, Proddis, Classeq, and Sammic. The cost of acquiring one of these machines is not exorbitant at all, and you can always find one within your budget.

 If you are running a bar, cafe, or restaurant, these machines are essential for your business. They come in various models such as carousel and rack, with the option of low temperature or high temperature. And the extra feature of a gravity drain or drain pump. If you are worried that all the equipment is already taking up space, worry less. There are compact under-counter glasswashers which can be placed under the counter and remain effective. You can get the right commercial glass washer for your business by visiting our showrooms. Contact us today to make further enquiries.