HKa kitchen equipment imports coolroom technology directly from top brands all around the world. We supply coolroom solutions to businesses in need of a refrigeration system such as restaurants, fisheries, cafés, fast food outlets, agricultural producers, food manufacturers and others. We don’t only supply the equipment but can also help you with the installation. Our staff are experts with skill and experience in installing coolroom equipment and setting up a cold room based on your specifications. Before installing the equipment, we survey your location to see if it is suitable and consider the layout and other requirements.

We also supply the needed equipment for anyone wishing to build the coolroom himself. The spare parts easy to assemble, and with little technical knowledge, you can have a coolroom for your foodservice establishment.

You can get various coolroom equipment such as:

  • Door hardware
  • Cool room and freezer room lights
  • Condensate Evaporators & Heaters
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Heating Cables
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • EcoGlide Sliding Door Systems
  • Food Service & Cold Storage Shelving Systems
  • PVC Swing Doors
  • Replacement Thermal Flex PVC Strips
  • Wall Mounted Pipe Shelving
  • Coolroom panels

Quality is an essential attribute of all our products because we go to all ends to source for only the best equipment. This is because we understand how important safety is when handling coolroom technology. 

Therefore, you can be certain of the durability of any equipment bought from us.

You can also get coolroom technology in parts if you already have a cold room but need to replace some of the equipment. So whatever your coolroom problem, we have premium technology solutions available for you. You can contact us for more enquiries and speak with our staff if you have any questions. We are always ready to help and move your business forward.