If you want to preserve your food in perfect conditions and showcase them to customers simultaneously, a deli display case is what you need. Its clear glass front and usual interior lighting make it very easy to identify whatever you arrange inside, even at night. Some even have curved glass designs and end panels that make the display more attractive and the food more enticing.

The temperature inside a deli display case is set to keep cheese, sandwiches, meat, pasta salads, bottled drinks, yoghurt, parfait, sushi, pre-made salads, and other food items in chilled and fresh condition. This is what makes it perfect equipment for cafeterias, pizzeria, sandwich shops, fast food joints, grocery stores, and other food establishments.

We supply deli cases in different models, sizes, and designs. We have low height models that you can use in the kitchen or serving area, full service-models for customers to view the deli contents, self-serve models that allow the customer to view the content, and pick whatever he wants from the front. They also come in straight and curved glass models with different volumes. We stock these varieties so you can have multiple options to pick from depending on your needs.

Before picking a model, it is important to identify how you want it accessed, the volume of items you will display, the finish of the display case, whether stainless steel, laminate or painted steel. Our experts will explain the pros and cons of each model and where they work best to you so you can end up making the right choice.

Our stock includes deli display cases manufactured by major brands like Hydra-kool, Coldline, Beverage-Air, Turbo Air, Marchia, Leader Refrigeration and many others. So contact us today to get the perfect deli display case for your business, at an affordable price.