At HKa kitchen equipment, we understand that a commercial kitchen needs a reliable and quality dishwasher bench. This simple equipment is one of the most essential in any commercial kitchen. With all the food preparation and cooking processes, there is always something that needs washing, which is why we import the best dishwasher benches from manufacturers all over the world.

They are available in various models depending on your requirements. We supply dishwashers with outlet benches, inlet benches, or pull-down washer units. There are also dishwashers with one sink or more depending on your needs. This equipment is made of high-grade stainless steel so it is very strong and cannot rust. Thus, they are always durable and valuable purchase worth the money spent.

Our dishwasher benches are also very easy to clean as they can be easily taken apart and reassembled after cleaning without any technical expertise. This simplicity ensures that you don’t incur any extra cost whatsoever and you can adequately maintain your dishwasher benches all by yourself. They come with extra features such as optional splashback attachment, solid undershelf, and castor kit for easier movement. They are designed with good workspace depth and takes a minimal amount of space in your kitchen.

Before picking the right dishwasher benches, you can speak to our staff who are experts in all matters relating to the kitchen equipment, from buying the right one to installing it within your commercial kitchen in the most unobtrusive and easy to reach place possible. Our staff will listen to your requirements and specifications, consider your business needs and finances, and give unbiased recommendations on equipment that is best for anyone in your condition.

Contact us today to make the necessary enquiries and make a choice you won’t regret.