If you are considering whether to get electric or gas-powered equipment for your commercial kitchen, both are great options, but there are many reasons to go with electric even though they cost more. Electric equipment is easier and cheaper to install. Most times, you just plug it into a socket, and you are good to go. It is only in special circumstances that technicians need to be involved with setting up the equipment. Also, this type of equipment is more efficient as an energy source because all the energy is converted to heat for cooking. Unlike gas where some escape. The concentration of energy also means they cook in a more even manner.

If you are looking to purchase quality electric cooking equipment, then Hka Kitchen equipment is the right place to shop. We import electricity-powered cooking equipment directly from the manufacturers. Electric cooking appliances such as commercial panini grills, deep fryers, free-standing fryers, commercial rice cookers, commercial ranges, etc. are commonplace in our stock.

Other types of electric cooking equipment available includes:

  • Commercial charbroilers
  • Rethermalizers and Commercial pasta cookers
  • Rice warmers and cookers
  • Waffle cone makers
  • Combination ovens
  • Electric steam kettles
  • Microwaves oven
  • Commercial food steamers
  • Convection steamers
  • Commercial conveyor toasters
  • Gyro machines
  • Chicken rotisseries
  • Commercial waffle maker
  • Toasters

The types of equipment you will find in our stock are products of premium brands such as Hobart, Hyxion, Whirlpool, Electrolux, GEA, and many others. By supplying only products manufactured by top brands, we ensure our products are durable, reliable, and good for value. They are made with the strongest materials to withstand the pressures of commercial cooking and with proper use, last very long. They also come in different models and sizes to fit your business requirements. You don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice; our staff are always ready to guide you. Contact us today.