Acquiring quality equipment is the key to achieving financial success in the food service business. With the right equipment, the quality of service will improve, and your customers will increase as well. But buying this equipment is easier said than done. We understand that financial constraints may prevent you from making the right purchase for your business, and as a customer service-oriented enterprise, we remove these constraints for you.

At HKa kitchen equipment, we do not only supply quality kitchen equipment for our customers. We also provide you with access to reputable lenders for a cheap equipment finance in Australia for restaurant and cafe kitchen equipment. Our team includes financial experts who advise customers on the financial implications of each purchase. We give expert opinions and advice on whether a customer should buy the equipment outrightly or use financing.

Where a customer is unable to afford a product, it is not the end of the world with us. Our experts analyse your financial position and find a suitable creditor for you. We believe that nothing should impede the growth of a business, nor even a lack of capital. We have mutual partnerships with major food equipment financers in the market, and this gives us unrivalled access to exclusive deals. We only serve as an intermediary between you and the lender – the final decision always rests with you.

Why Us?

Fast Application process and High chance of approval

Our relationship with the lenders increases the chances of that your application being accepted when it comes from us. Our financial experts usually examine it thoroughly and present your financial position in the most favourable way.

Access to various lenders

Our status as a reputable kitchen equipment importer and supplier means that many lenders are willing to partner with us. This includes both traditional lenders and food financing companies. Our financial experts are conversant with existing market deals and know which lender offers the best deal at the time. We ensure our customers get the best deal possible.

Flexible lending options 

From the broad range of deals available at a time, we encourage our customers to go for the most flexible. We use lenders whose terms of contract gives you enough financial freedom throughout the life of the loan. This includes lenders with the option of upgrading your existing contract or returning the equipment if you no longer need it.

Comprehensive and Low repayment structure

The essence of equipment financing is so that your cash flow will not be affected due to the outright purchase, a repayment structure with high periodical payments will defeat this purpose. Our lenders structure the terms of your repayment with enough room for you to sustain a positive cash flow after every repayment. The payment is spread across a specific number of years and fixed, so you are well aware of how much you pay and can plan.

No collateral is necessary

All you need to secure the loan is to satisfy our lenders’ credit criteria and for us to confirm your financial position. You don’t need to put any property on the line as the equipment secures itself.

Who can apply for Equipment Financing?

Our equipment financing service is available for any customer wishing to acquire any of our products. This includes both the already existing foodservice establishment or any new entrant into the hospitality and catering industry. We reward our customers’ passion and encourage their business potential by helping them to find great finance deals that will sustain their business.

Which equipment does the financing cover?

We finance all types of equipment needed in a commercial kitchen, from a single deli display case to outfitting an entire kitchen from the top down. You can combine multiple items and secure one equipment finance on everything, making it is a useful and efficient method of financing if your business is new. With all your equipment from one supplier and the loans from one lender, repayment is combined and lesser than if you use multiple lenders.

Types of financing

Our lending partners offer a wide range of options depending on your needs. Equipment financing can come in either of these three ways:

  • Rental: your equipment financing contract can be in the form of a rental agreement without any obligation to buy. This form of financing is short-term, lasting between 1-2 years. Depending on the lender, there is an option to review the contract and extend it. You can also decide to buy out the equipment during the period.
  • Lease: This is a rental agreement with the obligation to buy. It is a medium-term loan of which at the expiration, the property transfers to you.
  • Business loan: this option allows you to buy the equipment immediately and pay over a fixed period.

At Hka kitchen equipment, getting equipment finance for your catering and hospitality business is a simple, quick, and easy process. Our team will recommend the best equipment for you and help you find the right lender to finance it. Contact us today to get started.