This covers all equipment used from the point of preparation to serving of food. They are must-have equipment for any commercial kitchen that wishes to be well organised and efficient. From the seemingly inconsequential ones such as measuring cups to essential ones like pots and pans, this equipment makes cooking easier and simpler for you. They also help to reduce cost, avoid injuries and save time.

At HKa kitchen equipment, our stock includes the right preparation equipment no matter your foodservice establishment. We have both manual and electronic equipment for dicing, slicing, tenderising, mixing, chopping, measuring, grinding, and all other preparations necessary for cooking great dishes.

This equipment comes in various ranges and specification depending on your needs. For instance, if your food preparation takes place in the customer area instead of a backroom kitchen. We have bar blenders and slicers with dampening enclosure to reduce the noise of the equipment and not disturb your customers.

Food preparation equipment in our stock include:

  • Automatic Sieves.
  • Bandsaws, Tenderisers & Strip Cutters.
  • Marinators
  • Food dehydrators
  • Meat processing equipment
  • Commercial scales
  • Immersion blenders
  • Food chopper
  • Vegetable slicer
  • Salad spinner and container
  • Meat slicer
  • Batch bowl processor
  • Pizza scales
  • Wedgers
  • Bag sealers
  • Vacuum packaging machines
  • Commercial can openers
  • Butane cooking torches

We provide these commercial food preparation equipment and lots more at competitive prices. Once you have them, cooking in your commercial kitchen takes on a new and improved dimension. Your workers will be able to perform their jobs more efficiently, and the customers will notice the upgrade in your quality of service. There are also packaging supplies to help you preserve leftover ingredients for later use without losing the flavour and freshness. So what are you waiting for, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can make your business better.