Gas grills are multipurpose cooking equipment. Apart from grilling, they can be used for smoking, plank, searing, and rotisserie. They come with control knobs for increasing, and decreasing temperature as you see fit and some are designed with inbuilt thermometers so you can always monitor and regulate the heat. We have them available in various colours that will bring more ambience to your kitchen space. When choosing a gas grill, it is important that you consider the fuel as there are propane grills and natural gas grills. Although they are both good, propane tanks will need to be refilled or replaced. If you can’t go through the stress, go for natural gas grills.

We also supply Commercial griddles for your foodservice establishment. They come in various types, from countertop to drop-in to under-counter models. The burners are positioned directly behind the plates, so it heats up quickly. With them, you can easily make burgers, pancakes, scrambled eggs, quesadillas and other foods for your restaurant, fast food outlets, and other food establishments. Since it is gas-powered, they are easy to use both indoor and outdoor.

Commercial rice cookers are essential equipment for you if your foodservice establishment serves rice as a main meal. There are various units available with different sizes depending on the needs of your business. Most of these cookers are outfitted with excellent features such as cup measurements, an automatic warming feature which switches off the cooker when the rice is cooked and go into a warming mode until you serve the food, a moisture collector feature that keeps condensation away from the rice and prevents it from getting soggy, among many others.

You can find any of these types of equipment at HKa kitchen equipment. Contact us today to make further enquiries.