Gas ovens and cooktops are great investments for any commercial kitchen. They are multipurpose equipment. This especially so when they are combined as a range. This multipurpose equipment does not only provide burners for cooking but also has an efficient oven for baking and roasting. Gas ovens are very effective for making casseroles and roasts with the moist heat generated by the oven. They are also faster because they heat up immediately they are lighted, unlike the electric ones. These can be essential when dealing with multiple orders that are almost due.

Gas cooktops also come in different models, with some having multiple burners that let you prepare various dishes simultaneously. When a gas oven and cooktop are combined, your options increase more rapidly as you can prepare dishes while also baking or roasting. This multiplicity of functions is what makes a gas range essential equipment for your commercial kitchen. With just one equipment, you can prepare all your dishes in record time.

Before you buy a commercial gas oven and cooktop, you should always ask about the fuel. This is because there are different models of the equipment, while some run on natural gas, others run on LPG gas. They also come in free-standing and slide-in models, based on the available space. Some models also have self-cleaning features and gas convection which improve energy efficiency and heat by close to thirty per cent.

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