This covers the cleaning of all kitchen equipment used in preparing and serving food. Washing kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, kettles, bowls, etc. and tableware such as dishes, spoons, forks, knives, and glassware can be a very stressful and delicate job. If done manually, it requires a lot of manpower, especially in a large foodservice establishment. Therefore, costly and inefficient. 

We understand this, so we have imported machines to make your ware washing easy. At HKa kitchen equipment, we have dishwashers and glasswashers of various types and build needed to make ware washing efficient and cost-effective. With these machines, all kitchenware, tableware, and glassware are not only cleaned but also thoroughly sanitised to reduce germs and risk of contamination.

Getting the right ware washing machine is essential for your foodservice establishment as a wrong one will cost you more to maintain in the long run. Our staff know this, so they make sure they fully understand you and your business before recommending the best dishwashers, glasswasher, pot washer, conveyor washer, or Cutlery Polisher for you. Some of these machines also have extra features such as water softener, drain and pressure pumps, steam condenser, etc. All these extra features make for more efficient washing.

We stock cutting edge machines from top brands in the industry such as Sammic, Washtech, Goldstein, Zanussi, Speed Queen, Norris, Hobart, Meiko, etc. The premium quality of our products leaves you with the best of out of best, no matter what you buy. This guarantees that your ware washing equipment will last for a very long time and add the much-needed ease and speed to your food preparation. You can contact us to make further enquiries and purchase the suitable ware washing equipment for you.